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Gaming Accessories Guide

Guide to Choosing the Ultimate Gaming Headset

Guide to Choosing the Ultimate Gaming Headset The truth is you simply can’t get away with a shoddy headset if you enjoy gaming! A good quality headset is a must-have to take your gaming experience to the next level as crisp sound quality will add

The Best Gaming Laptop Accessories

The 2020 pandemic changed the way that millions of people approached their work, and once the lockdowns had come to an end, more workers felt that they no longer needed to work at the office any more. What that also meant is that more people

Ergonomic Gaming Accessories For Improved Health

Playing games is not exactly the healthiest thing we can do, in terms of our physical well-being. Being sedentary for too long can cause a myriad of issues, some of which can turn quite serious if not properly taken care of. From damaged wrists to

The Biggest Gaming Accessory Failures Ever

Gaming hasn’t always been the concise and global industry that it is today, and it took decades of experimentation and plenty of failures to develop into the pastime that we all love so much. Many of these failures were surprising, such as the Nintendo N64,

7 Weird Gaming Accessories You Need to See

The gaming industry is as colourful and diverse as it is surprising, and this is abundantly evident in its weird and wonderful range of gaming accessories and gadgets. From the latest mods to strange 80s finds, these 7 accessories are definitely not what you’d expect

Top Picks for the Best Gaming Mouse of 2019

While you may think that having the best graphics card and best gaming keyboard are important for a great gaming experience – and you would be quite right – some gamers tend to forget about other gaming hardware such as the mouse and keyboard. The

The Ultimate New Gaming Accessories for 2019

Gaming is serious business and if you take it as seriously as you do, you’re likely heavily invested in having the best gaming accessories and components too! If you’re looking to take your PC gaming to the next level in 2019, we’ve put together the

The Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming Accessories 2019

The Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming Accessories 2019 Now that the dust has settled on all the Christmas and New Year festivities, it’s time to take a look at your PC gaming setup and decide what needs to be replaced or improved upon. We’ve tested

The Best Mobile Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories For Smartphones Smartphones have come a long way since they were first introduced by Apple over ten years ago. In that time, we’ve seen them grow into powerful devices that are fit to rival most mid-tier computer systems in some cases. This is

A Guide to Buying a Gaming Keyboard

A Guide to Buying a Gaming Keyboard So you’ve purchased your first gaming computer, and now you need to get hold of some accessories to get it running. A mouse and screen are generally quite easy to get hold of, but one mistake that many

The Different Kinds of LCD Monitors

The Different Kinds of LCD Monitors Building a computer these days means acquiring a few core parts that allow the computer to run properly, with one of these being a monitor. Today’s computer monitors are almost all in the form of LCD, or liquid crystal