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Gaming Accessories Guide

The Best VR Headsets Worth Buying

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets Worth Buying Today When virtual reality first hit the public market around two years ago, most gamers were extremely sceptical about the viability of the new technology. Not only was it often prohibitively expensive for most people, but often enough

Gaming Accessories That Didn’t See Success

Gaming Accessories That Didn’t See Success The gaming world as we know it today couldn’t be more different than what it was in the late 1980s and 1990s. Gaming was still relatively young, and the first consoles were only starting to make their way into

8 Tips for Choosing an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

8 Tips for Choosing an Ergonomic Gaming Chair Without a doubt, being a dedicated gamer means spending plenty of time sitting down, playing your favourite games. As such, it’s important to opt for an ergonomic gaming chair which will improve your gaming experience and ensure

Guide to Choosing the Ultimate Gaming Headset

Guide to Choosing the Ultimate Gaming Headset The truth is you simply can’t get away with a shoddy headset if you enjoy gaming! A good quality headset is a must-have to take your gaming experience to the next level as crisp sound quality will add

Cryptocurrency and Graphics Cards

How Cryptocurrency Has Affected Gaming Hardware You’ve most likely heard of the cryptocurrency trend that has made waves over the last few years. While the idea itself is about a decade old, it’s only become a worldwide phenomenon since the beginning of 2016. The idea

The Perfect Mouse

Find The Perfect Mouse For Gaming In an age where we can find a gaming accessory of just about every shape and size, it’s harder than ever to choose the right one. Where there was once a time when any, simple mouse would get the

Have a Quick Look at the Required Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch has been the number 1 console this holiday season. It has become one of the biggest selling consoles of all time despite being released in March rather than launched during the holidays. It has dominated Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales and

PC Gaming Accessories

The Ultimate Guide to Essential Gaming Accessories

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your hardware to keep up with this year’s latest releases, or looking to improve your gaming experience through investing in a few essential gaming accessories, we have the best recommendations to get the most from your PC gaming rig. Gone

Logitech Driving Force G29

More Details about the Latest Gaming Accessories

The standalone console or PC is a simple construct, which equates to the simple mechanical equivalent of get it up and get it running. It’s bliss, unwrapping a finely tuned PC gaming machine or if you prefer your console style of play; the box your