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The Most Financially Successful Mobile Games Ever

Mobile gaming had something of a slow start when app stores were becoming popular around a decade ago. Small 2D pixelated games had been all the rage for some years, but many of these were barely more than passion projects during a time when smartphones were only beginning to emerge. This began to change as platforms like Google Play began to take over, and Android became a much more common operating system among smartphone years. Within a few years, the various app stores have become completely saturated with games, many of which have gone on to find great success.

In fact, some of these games have been so popular among their fans that they have made millions of dollars in revenue. The following are the top earning of all these games.

Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike was among the first mobile-based games that earned its widespread attention thanks to one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time. To this day, it’s not unusual to find ads for Mobile Strike being played at the beginning of YouTube videos, or as banner ads in other apps. This campaign has been largely successful, and saw the creators earning almost $2 million within the first six months of releasing their game. Being officially endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger was a massive help to their popularity among fans.

Game of War – Fire Age

Using similar marketing tactics as Mobile Strike, Game of War has become a master of selling its brand to as many people as possible and has one of the widest reaches of any gaming franchise. First released in 2014, the game focused on using A-list celebrities to promote its game play, with such celebs as Kate Upton, who reportedly earned around $40 million for her role in the promotion of the game. It proved to be a good investment, as revenues quickly showed that players were spending an average of $550.

Candy Crush Saga

There aren’t many people that haven’t heard of the Candy Crush games, the colourful and addictive series that has drawn in countless millions of people over the years. The games have become particularly successful in the East thanks to aggressive advertising on behalf of the creators of the game, who made sure that their creation dominated the front page of most app stores for the first few years after its release. Today, the game makes more than half a million dollars in revenue every month, a testament to its staying power as well as its ability to earn money, and a game that might even one day rival in terms of popularity.

Pokémon Go

Considered as the quickest-growing trend of all time, gaining 50 million users in just two weeks, Pokémon Go is the epitome of success in the mobile world, having reached millions of people within the first hours after it was released. The game exploded across the world within the first day, and while it initially didn’t work very well on smartphones at the time, it was a named well-loved enough that most people were more than willing to put up with the numerous bugs while chasing their favourite Pokémon.