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The 6 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2018

The 6 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2018

Apps are used for a variety of purposes in this technologically driven age, but just because they’re helpful doesn’t mean they have to expensive. Since you’re likely already paying a small fortune for your Apple device, you might as well take full advantage of the multitude of free apps available in the Apple App Store. We’ve rounded up 6 of the best free iPhone apps which will make your life easier, saving you time and money.


Long gone are the days of expensive and clunky scanners used only to scan the occasional document, now we all have a scanner in our pockets! Scanbot will transform your iPhone into a powerful scanning tool and save them in high quality JPG or PDF files. With Scanbot you’ll be able to save the scanned files to your device, upload them to the cloud, or share them quickly and easily.

Google Trips

If you’re a frequent traveller, you need to install Google Trips immediately. This intelligent app turns your iPhone into a one-stop travel assistant by saving all your itineraries and reservations from your emails into automatically categorised trips and also offers recommendations on day trips and local sights based on your tastes. You’re even able to save your trip details to your phone so you don’t have to worry about data costs while traveling.


Keep your schedule and to-do lists on track with AnyDo by creating notes, reminders (don’t forget to try!), sharing your schedule, or assigning tasks to others. You’ll be able to sync all this valuable information across a multitude of devices for an up-to-the-minute overview of your schedule and the voice entry feature offers a quick and easy way to create a task or reminder.


Many of us live much of our lives online and this means passwords and plenty of them. However, LastPass is the perfect solution to your password forgetting ways! Combining both a password vault and a strong password generator, LastPass is compatible with a variety of mobile browsers and will auto fill-in your login details and is kept secure using the Apple TouchID technology.


Move aside Instagram! SnapSeed is the perfect tool for photo-editing on the go and you’ll be able to make use of a full set of filters and transformation options. Crop, rotate, and fine tune any JPG or RAW file and add a vignette or text if you like before exporting for upload. The Healing Tool will remove any less than amazing part of the image, making sure your photos are always picture perfect.


Do you often find yourself searching for media that you saw somewhere online and now simply cannot locate? Pocket is your perfect solution. This ingenious app allows you to save pictures, videos, or articles for later viewings and collates them all in one easily accessible place. The content is also trimmed of the unnecessary side clutter which comes with most websites, only showing you what you’re really interested in.