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7 Weird Gaming Accessories You Need to See

The gaming industry is as colourful and diverse as it is surprising, and this is abundantly evident in its weird and wonderful range of gaming accessories and gadgets. From the latest mods to strange 80s finds, these 7 accessories are definitely not what you’d expect to find at your local PC shop!

#1: Resident Evil Chainsaw

Designed for the GameCube version of Resident Evil 4, this bizarre accessory can be used to play the game itself or can simply be displayed as an odd but compelling piece of merchandise. Manufacturer Nuby has even decorated the chainsaw with lifelike blood spatters to amplify its overall effect!

#2: Tony Hawk’s Ride Skateboard

The Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard (or skate deck) was created to try and give players a chance to try out their own skating skills while playing Hawk-inspired games on their preferred consoles. However, unless you have some truly remarkable balance and epic skating skills just like the real industry icon, you might find this board somewhat tricky to stay on!

#3: Wii’s Remote Add-Ons

The Nintendo Wii has always come with a slew of unique accessories to help give players more of a feel of the sports equipment (like virtual tennis rackets, golf clubs and baseball bats) they’re playing with. The Wii Sports Pack 6-in-1 bundle includes a variety of kooky gadgets that fit over your traditional Wii remote to make it more closely resemble the club, bat or racket being used by your Mii. While some might appreciate the realism, the jury is still out on whether or not these crazy add-ons do anything to improve your game.

#4: RailDriver Controller

If you are unusually passionate about trains, the bizarre RailDriver PC controller might be your cup of tea. The gadget comes with the TS 2016 Train Simulator computer game, and includes numerous levers, knobs and buttons to simulate the experience of driving a real locomotive. If you prefer a more modern approach to gaming, might be better suited to your needs – but if you do try out any of these contraptions, do so with a very open mind…

#5: Dreamcast Fishing Rod

This old-school fishing rod-inspired controller was produced by Dreamcast back in the 1980s, and actually works fine according to some of its proponents, who believe that it helps to authentically recreate a real life fishing experience. Fans have praised the accessory’s design, response and motion control features, and although it may look strange, it reportedly works rather well alongside Sega’s Bass Fishing title.

#6: Nintendo Super Scope

This vintage piece of equipment resembles a miniature bazooka, and works with the Nintendo Super NES. Alas, you will need a cathode ray tube television in order to use this gadget, and there aren’t many games that work well with it either, making it a blast from the past that will probably stay in the past for the time being!

#7: Wii Bowling Ball

This bizarre contraption is another of Wii’s interesting controller mods. The CTA Digital bowling ball works with games like Brunswick Pro Bowling, Ten Pin Alley 2 and Wii Bowling, and to use it, you will need to put your controller inside the ball, close it, and insert three fingers into it. Sound familiar? That’s great, but remember not to let go of the ball as you motion ‘rolling’ it or your TV might suffer a nasty fate…