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The Best eSports Gear

The Best eSports Gear – What The Pros Use

We’ve watched as eSports has gone from a community-based competition to among the world’s most popular sports. We’ve seen professional players at their prime, battling it out against equally-skilled opponents for the ultimate victory. We’ve watched as their timing and decisions can change the game in a split second, and how even the smallest decisions can quickly take the player and their team to new heights of victory.

We’ve watched in fascination as teams from all over the world battle it out – but one thing that we sometimes forget about is the hardware they use. The hardware is important; you can expect to win against another player with inferior hardware, even if both of you are on the same skill level. Hardware makes a huge difference, and for many players, the right hardware has meant the difference between winning and losing. Hardware for eSports is extremely specific, and pros generally look for gear that has certain characteristics, usually ones that give them the edge in a game.

Whether you want to learn more about the gear they use for your next season of sports betting NZ, or you want to build your own rig at home to match theirs, this is the hardware that the best of the best use in eSports.

MOBA Equipment

There are few other games that rely on timing as much as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Every second counts, and being able to fight or flee in any given second can make all the difference on the outcome of a match. This is why professional Dota 2 players generally lean toward hardware that absolutely minimises any sort of latency, ensuring that not even a moment passes from when they make a decision to when it takes place on the screen. This is the kind of equipment Dota 2 and LOL players use, and what you’d also find quite commonly among other MOBA circles:

  • Monitor – The BenQ XL2430T is the reigning king in the MOBA world. Its high refresh rate at 144 Hz, mixed together with motion blur reduction means that the player has constant feedback for every passing second. It also helps rendering fast-moving objects and players, making it easier to move and avoid attacks.
  • Mouse – Zowie FK2/Razer Deathadder: The mouse is arguably the most important tool for any eSports player, especially those involved in MOBAs. A mouse needs to have a high DPI, more than the standard 3 buttons for key mapping usage, and extreme comfort to keep the player’s hands from getting sore after a particularly long game.

  • Keyboard – Blackwidow Ultimate Death/Tesoro Durandal Ultimate eSport Edition: While not quite the same layouts that we’re used to, these keyboards are specifically designed to give pros the kind of reaction timing they need in a game. They’re not for everyone’s taste, but their programmable profiles and macros means that they can be customised for just about any occasion.

The Bottom Line

Much of this gear tends to be on the expensive side, and may not fit everyone’s playstyle. But if you’re looking for a rough idea of the kind of equipment that you need to start enjoying eSports, then these options are a good place to start.