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How Twitch Has Changed Game Reviews

Do you remember the days when you surfed the web reading endless game reviews? Or when one bad review from a popular game reviewer would spell certain death for a new game? But now, thanks to YouTube, and more recently Twitch, game reviews have changed completely and one bad review doesn’t necessarily put players off completely.

Whereas in the past, a select few reviewers with clout would be given early access to a game, we now have beta testing and early access, and we also have live streaming. Live streaming has been a real game changer, as now, Twitch streamers can simply show the world- or those who are interested- what a new game looks like as they are playing it, and you no longer have to rely on one persons opinion and personal feelings.

A Free Advertising Platform

Twitch has also established itself very much as the ideal platform for free advertising. These days, anyone can review games, and not only does it costs reviewers nothing to attain a following, they can even earn revenue from this, especially if they manage to get monetised.

On the other side of the coin, game developers don’t have to pay for advertising either if their games get picked up by popular streamers. While sponsored streams are an option, many games get a huge amount of publicity simply from popular streamers reviewing them, or allowing others to watch them play.

Easy Access All In One Place

Instant gratification is something we all want, and Twitch, along with casino sites to fills this need. There is a massive amount of on-demand content available around the clock, and gamers can access reviews and streams whenever they choose. Plus, anyone can stream themselves playing live, and this adds to the overall experience.

There is no longer the need to jump from site to site reading reviews or staring at screen shots. Thanks to Twitch, you can view a game as it’s being played and get a real feel for it.

Quick Exposure for Indie Games

Although there are several big name developers who release highly anticipated games on a regular basis, there are also plenty of smaller, indie devs that don’t really get that much exposure, and they certainly don’t get the same hype.

Twitch is an easy way to get instant exposure and to ensure that publicity of any kind is attained.

Adding a Social Element

Twitch has around 45 million viewers per day and well over 1.5 million broadcasters and it’s these numbers that have seen it play such a major role in the gaming community. But what really keeps gamers coming back for more, be it for reviews or any other purpose, is the social element.

Never before has it been so easy to interact with reviewers, to share you own opinion or to engage in sometimes heated debates with other gamers who are as passionate about a game or as opposed to it, as you are!