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How To Get Into eSports

The world of esports has grown from an underground subculture into a massive, multi-billion-dollar industry. Talented players are getting scholarships to play at university level, and professionals are getting contracts that will make the biggest NFL players raise an eyebrow. It truly is a mainstream industry and top players are considered professionals rather than adults that didn’t grow up. Overall, the industry is now worth over $1 billion.

The best part about esports is that it’s never too late to get involved. You don’t need to worry about being in your physical prime, or just being physically able. Young and old, male and female, able-bodied and not – all can take part at the highest levels of competition, if they have the skills and the right temperament.

So, how do you get into esports?

Know Your Strengths

As with any sport, you need to know what you are good at and what you are not so great at. There are many different types of games and platforms, as well as many different actual games within those various categories. Start by picking what you are best at and considering how you like to play, then focus solely on that.

Different game types that are popular in the esports world include virtual sporting tournaments, card games, first-person shooter setups, real-time strategy games, and battle arenas for multiple players. Each one of these requires slightly different skills and a different style of playing. You may enjoy all of them, but it is definitely best to choose just one and put your energies into perfecting your craft.

Finally, pick the platform that best suits you. Many games have versions for more than one platform, or you can play the same game from various platforms. When considering your platform choice, look at your budget to begin with, as well as your skillset and preferred style of playing.

Join A Team

The best way to break into the business is to join a team. They will help you to learn the ins and outs of competitions, who the other players are that you’ll be competing against, and where the best competitions are for your skill level. You’ll also benefit from having teammates to practice against and train with – this sense of camaraderie is essential for helping to gain momentum in the industry.

There are also certain esports games and tournaments that require you to be part of a team. If you train together regularly, rather than just coming together for a specific competition, you’ll have a greater understanding of what each person brings to the party. If you prefer solo games, it’s a better idea to check out for something different all together.


Finally, no one will ever make it anywhere without proper training. You need to know your equipment inside and out, as well as exactly what to expect in the game. Before sitting down to play in a tournament, you should have your primary and secondary strategies mapped out for the game, and have logged many hours in the actual game to ensure you know everything you can about it.