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Why Gaming Is Good For You

Why Gaming Is Good For You

We’ve all heard about how bad video games can be, how they can cause people to develop violent streaks, to become anti social and how they lead to obesity. But, while there are several people who like to demonise them, there are also those that have increasingly found that video games offer several positives- to players of all ages. And these facts are readily backed up by those who are exerts in their field, and can provide an unbiased opinion on the gaming industry.

Lets take a look at just a few of the many reasons why video games are good for you:

Train Parts of Your Brain

Studies on a test group of subjects of which half spent 60 minutes a day playing Super Mario, and the others didn’t play at all proved that those who did play had a rise in grey matter in the right hippocampus, the right prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum. All of these areas of the brain are responsible for things like spatial navigation, hand-eye co-ordination, strategic planning, fine motor skills and memory formation.

Improve Brain Flexibility

Researchers have discovered that games like Starcraft that require strategy also train parts of your brain and increase what’s termed as ‘brain flexibility’. Those gamers that regularly play this type of game have increased cognitive flexibility and can complete specific tasks with greater speed and accuracy.

Keeps You Young

As you age, so too does your brain, but if you play just 2 hours of video games a week you can slow down the degree of mental decay, which is part of the natural ageing process. This has been proven in both younger and older test subjects, and whether it is playing real slots NZ games, or games like Candy Crush, Minecraft or World of Warcraft, the proof is in the pudding.

Aid in Dyslexia

Studies have shown that video games help kids with dyslexia and improve their reading skills. This happily throws a whole bucket of cold water on those who thought that video games were bad for kids, when in fact; they are a help, not a hindrance. The actions of video games help kids focus harder and concentrate more specifically, and this in turn teaches them skills that they can use for reading.

Pioneering Precision

Surgeons who play video games are proven to have steadier hands and to be far more precise in their work. Whether it is the repetitive functions that gamers must master that pay off in surgery, or the higher levels of concentration required over long periods, no one is quite sure, but a study showed that surgeons who played video games for 3 or more hours a week made 37% les mistakes during laparoscopic surgery.

Improve Your Eyesight

While you might think video games would cause the opposite, it turns out that those who play FPS are able to better discern subtle changes in scenery and that their contrast sensitivity function is improved, making everything from night vision to reflexes better.