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Future of Video Games

The Future of Video Games

There was once a time when video games were nothing more than a few pixels on a screen. Over time, screens begun having more pixels, which means developers were now able to make better looking games. Alongside the visuals, games have been constantly improving. Better engines, more realistic physics, real bullet drop, and so much more. There’s no denying that video games have been getting better with each passing year.

The modern high-budget game is a marvel to behold. Along with its incredible graphics, it’s fun gameplay, and cinematic cut scenes, it also often has real actors providing the voices. With games as good as they are now, could they get any better? What can we expect from video games in the future? While it’s always difficult to predict the future, which would be great for AFL premiership betting, we can at least speculate on where games will be within the next few years.

Virtual Reality

This is the tech that most people believe will be taking over the video game industry in the future. VR has always been a promising idea, and while there were some attempts made over the decades, it’s the first time in history that we’re seeing true potential of what VR can provide. The biggest problem right now is that virtual reality hardware is exorbitantly expensive, and the average person can’t quite afford to pick up the latest VR headgear.

This is changing, and as they streamline and lower the cost of the tech, more and more people will start becoming interested. The future of VR looks bright, and it’s almost certainly what we can expect to be using in a few years time to enjoy the games we play.

Mobile Gaming

Smart phones have always been possible, and we’ve often heard how the average mobile device is many times more powerful than the computer that sent men to the moon. Smart phones have come to a point where they are starting to match desktops from less than a decade ago, meaning they are able to support full 3D video games.

While smart phones at the moment aren’t quite designed to play video games for any real amount of time due to the heat, we will most likely be seeing a new range of devices in the future specifically built to cater for those that want to play their favourite games while on the go.

Artificial Intelligence

While it isn’t quite in the same league as the other two mentioned, artificial intelligence will have a bigger impact on gaming in the future than most people realise. Many games make use of basic AI for certain systems, such as enemies, and as AI has become more advanced, so too will the computer-based enemies that players will face. On top of this, for the first time, AI teams are winning matches against human players in MOBAs, which could mean a fantastic way of training for professional gamers.