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Top Android Game Options

Top Android Game Options

Android’s game catalogue has grown considerably recently, so we decided to create a list highlighting the best of what’s available. Most of these titles are free, while others have a very small fee in place, but they’re all guaranteed to entertain you no matter where you happen to be.

Action and Adventure: Oceanhorn

Fans of Legend of Zelda will be delighted by Oceanhorn, and those that don’t know the former may be inspired to explore it thanks to the latter! This is a popular title featuring excellent visuals, a solid narrative, and a soundtrack that immerses you in the fun. It’s easy to play, as well.

Racing: Real Racing 3

If you would be interested in burning some rubber inside of a wide range of thoroughly recreated cars on a magnificent line-up of actual tracks from all over the world, then check out Real Racing 3.

There are countless events for you to enter, many customisation options for you to enjoy, and cross-platform multiplier access is on hand as well. Punters who enjoy Horse Racing betting and the like online will have a whale of a time with it.

First-Person: PUBG Mobile

Skydive down to the Island of Erangel, scavenge whatever you can, and start killing! You will be up against 99 other people with the same aim, and there can only be one winner. Controls are slightly awkward at first, until you get used to them, and there’s only one map, but this is a adrenaline-pumping shooter that will suck you into the action at once.

Role-Playing: Eternium

Slash and hack your way through armies of zombies, daemons, and other foul creatures as you gather loot in this well-crafted RPG that has the kind of action that may remind you of Diablo’s.

There are in-app purchases, but the developers have a free-to-play philosophy that is quite refreshing, and you won’t have to part with any money in order to finish the game.

Arcade: R-Type

This is a side-scrolling shooter game that many will remember from the arcades of the late 1980s. At just US$2, you’ll be able to pilot your spacecraft to victory over the alien empire of Bydo across a series of eight levels, each of which is governed by a boss who wants to blast you into oblivion.

You’ll need shooting skills and all the power-ups you can find if you want to finish R-Type, and when you’re done there’s R-Type II to check out as well.

Platformers: Sonic the Hedgehog

A true classic, Sega has finally brought our hedgehog friend to our smartphones with the Sega Forever collection. If you don’t already know, this game has you racing through levels as the titular character, defeating enemies and collecting rings as you go.

Sim and Sandbox: Minecraft – Pocket Edition

The Minecraft phenomenon managed the crossover to smartphones very successfully. At just US$7 you can enjoy mining, exploring, and building your way to 8-bit glory no matter where your actual day may take you!