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How Pokémon Go Changed AR Gaming

Augmented Reality is a term that should not be confused with Virtual Reality. Where Virtual Reality consists of a completely computer generated world where you interact with virtual objects, Augmented Reality places virtual objects in a real world environment.

Pokémon Go released last year was really the first time most people saw Augmented Reality in action. It was also the first time that industry insiders really saw what could be done with AR tech. It was such a revelation that it dominated headlines for weeks afterwards.

How It Happened

Pokémon Go made use of a variety of relatively standard phone features found on most mid to high end devices to create a completely unique and incredibly engaging experience which also allowed the developer, Niantic to offer new and exciting content in incredibly original and organic ways.

In many ways Pokémon Go defined AR gaming as before this title’s release the offerings where mostly tech demos on PC hardware. Packing AR features into a mobile device was actually a match made in heaven. Most mid to high-end devices have an array of sensors to map the world around them. These sensors include spacial and motor sensors along with the device’s camera and naturally GPS tracking.

What these elements put together is basically a text book example of AR. A Program will compile all the information put together by your device’s array of sensors and camera and then layer virtual information over that information and displays it on your device.

How this game made use of phone features and then implemented game play over that has defined, more than redefined what AR gaming is. It has paved the way for many developers to at least have some kind of framework to work from when thinking of designing Augmented Reality games.

Where We Go From Here

Even though Pokémon users have dwindled, the service is still millions strong showing just how appealing AR gaming can be across a wide customer demographic, and could be exceptionally well applied in something like We have not seen many AR casino or betting games released, if any, but at least now the foundation is there. There is a huge wellspring of possibilities when it comes to AR gaming and casino betting games.

With many Smartphone and mobile users today owning very capable devices, developers can start seriously considering AR gaming. VR gaming was the buzzword a few months back but since AR is so cheap to get into since you need no additional hardware, it will soon overtake VR gaming.

At the moment however there has been very little serious exploration of AR within the casino gaming industry. In fact most players are still waiting for proper 3D compatible casino games years after VR devices have been released commercially. Casino games have always had a strong sense of tradition to them and AR and VR appear to be just too revolutionary just yet.

Fortunately AR does not require people interested in it to purchase expensive hardware. AR capabilities are inherent in most modern mobile devices so there is already a customer base ready for a new experience from developers.