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Educational Mobile Games for Kids

Keeping your kids entertained can seem like an impossible task at times. At such a young age, their attention spans are short and although this is normal, the overstimulation that comes part and parcel with the age of technology can exacerbate this. In fact, it is believed that humans today have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

The good news is that one’s concentration and overall mental fitness is an elastic muscle that can be exercised and stretched with proper training. Kids in particular respond excellently to brain training exercises and can significantly improve their problem-solving skills and focus in a matter of weeks. All it takes is an activity that is engaging, fun, and rewarding.

As a parent, it is unlikely that you will be able to keep the influences of technology at bay and so, it is worthwhile focussing on that which can be greatly beneficial. We are here to introduce you to games that are both educational and enjoyable – for your kids or the whole family.

Logic Land

When it comes to our children’s education, we tend to hyper focus on subjects such as maths and science. In this endeavour, we can lose sight of how important basic logic and common sense is. Logic Land aims to develop a child’s rational thinking brain with a focus on spatial intelligence, memory, and basic reasoning.

Jack and Alice, the main characters in the game, are able to move between islands as children earn treasure when they solve problems and puzzles. This makes progress tangible and rewarding which means that your child is more likely to continue engaging with it.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy has been saving students from failing middle school English to master’s level Maths, so it’s a title that deserves cheering the team on. Due to its proven success as an educational supplement, a kid’s version has been released. A team of friendly animals are there to hold your child’s hand in their learning process. They offer assistance for an array of activities from reading and writing to participatory storytelling and drawing.

Your child is able to create their own account and they are rewarded with accessories for their animals or other creative features. The extensive library and range of interactive games available on Khan Academy Kids makes it one of the best educational mobile games for children on the market today.

Chess for Kids

Chess will never go out of style and neither will its endless benefits. It is an excellent practice in developing your pattern recognition skills, strategizing techniques, concentration and general problem solving. If you can encourage your child to train their brain using the Chess for Kids mobile app, their concentration is scientifically guaranteed to improve.

As this game is designed for children, there is a parental supervision function that prohibits them from talking to others. They are, however, able to play against other children or even bots. You are able to pay a small fee for tutorial videos but the app is perfectly sufficient without this function.