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Billion Dollar Mobile Games

We’ve certainly come a long way since playing our favourite serpent game on green-screened Nokias and when many of us bought our first mobile devices ever, we could never have imagined the world of possibilities which would be revealed to us over the ensuing years. As such, we’ve put together a list of 10 mobile games which have reportedly exceeded $1 billion in revenues since their release.

Pokémon GO

What started out as an April Fools’ Joke turned fully-fledged mobile game quickly become a global overnight sensation, and we are sure that even Niantic – the developers of Pokémon Go – were surprised at the outcome! In the 7 months after the game was released, Pokémon Go reportedly generated more than $1 billion.

Clash Royale

Developers Supercell seem to have found a winning formula as they are also the company behind Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale managed to generate $1 billion in less than a year after its release. This card battler/MOBA game has revolutionised how mobile games monetise thanks to the four chests system.

Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings may just be, at this present time, the most popular game in the whole world. Taking its cues from another outrageously popular game League of Legends, Honor of Kings has attracted more than 200 million players and at last count it was reported that there are over 70 million active daily users.

Candy Crush Saga

If there is only one mobile game you’re familiar with, it’s probably Candy Crush! Not only has this 3-match game become hugely successful, but there is even a Candy Crush game show in the United States which has attracted 4 million+ viewers. Perhaps it’s the aesthetic similarities the game shares with mobile real money slots, but Candy Crush has quickly become a billion dollar game.

Mobile StrikeMobile Strike

Where aren’t sure if the outstanding graphics or the marketing campaign which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger created the winning formula behind Mobile Strike, but developers MZ certainly did not disappoint with this 4X strategy follow-up to Game of War.

Summoners War

Even though Summoners War was released over 3 years ago in June 2014, it seems to gain more popularity with each passing month. Even though the game was developed in South Korea by Com2Us, it seems to have developed a much stronger following overseas, and the game has generated over $1 billion since its release.

Monster Strike

Monster Strike is by no means a new game – it was released in August 2013 – but this follow up to Puzzles and Dragons became Japan’s number one top grossing game in 2014, and has generated millions of dollars a day since then.

Game of War: Fire Age

Whether you’ve played MX’s other top-grossing offerings Mobile Strike or Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, it’s apparent that MX seems to have struck mobile gaming gold. While their monetisation practises and complex game designs aren’t for everyone, it hasn’t stopped Game of War from becoming the top grossing mobile game in 111 countries.

Disney Tsum Tsum

Disney Tsum Tsum has very rarely slipped out of the top 10 grossing charts in Japan since its release and surpassed $1 billion in lifetime revenues in April 2017, but perhaps more significantly, the game hit 70 million downloads later that same month.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was released 5 years ago in August 2012 and to this day has remained one of the top grossing games of all time. According to reports, it is said to be generating $1 billion a year in revenues, making it a multi-billion-dollar mobile game.