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Best Tetris-Style Mobile Phone Games

Tetris is one of those old-style video games that is still extremely popular today. Many players began their obsession with Tetris back on the original Nintendo consoles, using the simple game to relieve stress and keep occupied when you find yourself with time to kill. However, EA recently announced that they will be doing away with Tetris apps on Android and iOS come April 2020. Fortunately, there are no shortage of mobile phone games that present a similar Tetris style game to users. Let’s look at some of the best ones:

Classic Blocks

The Classic Blocks app from Retro Visuals is very similar to Tetris but features an even more simplistic, retro style design, like those days of the Gameboy. It does however come with that classic Tetris tune! This android app allows users to play on the classic mode with a three-minute game time or manual mode where you set the speed of play.

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is like Tetris in that you must complete the puzzle, however in this game there is no option to rotate the blocks. All you need to do in this simple variant of the game is to move the colourful piece left or right before it lands. The challenge, of course, comes when there is no suitable space to maneuverer the block into and they start to pile up.

Brick Classic

Brick Classic works in a very similar manner to the original Tetris game however it doesn’t have multiple levels, so it doesn’t get quicker as you go as with other Tetris variants. Your game simply ends when you can’t go any further.


Created by Q Entertainment, Lumines offers players the opportunity to advance through multiple levels as you adjust the blocks into their different positions the same way you would in classic Tetris. The great thing about Lumines is that it is available in both single player and multi-player modes. The game also offers several different skins that you can unlock when you reach different objectives.

Bag It!

Inspired by Tetris, Hidden Variable Studios’ Bag It! mobile application offers players three challenging modes which each offering different levels. Addictive, colourful and easy to play, Bag It! is a fun and simple Tetris alternative.

Dream of Pixels

Created by Dawn of Play and available for Android and iOS follows the classic Tetris style in which you have to tap on the coloured blocks to spin them into the lines with the aim being to clear the lines before the blocks pile up. This game features five different modes including Puzzle, Nightmare, Classic, Pro, and Shattered Dreams. You record your highest score at each level and can even challenge your friends to best it.

Cultris II

Although available in the traditional single-player mode, the exciting thing about the Cultris II puzzle game is that it can also be played in split-screen multiplayer mode. Compete against friends in the split-screen mode as you try to complete each level within the desired time frame. As the game progresses it becomes harder and harder to clear the lines before the time or space runs out.