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The Perfect Mouse

Find The Perfect Mouse For Gaming

In an age where we can find a gaming accessory of just about every shape and size, it’s harder than ever to choose the right one. Where there was once a time when any, simple mouse would get the job done, we now have mice for different kinds of games, different kinds of computers, and different kinds of people. There is no shortage of gaming mice on the market, and for someone looking for a new one to start playing the year’s latest releases, it requires a fair amount of research.

A good mouse and keyboard is key to having an enjoyable gaming experience. There’s nothing worse than loading up a game only to find that the mouse doesn’t work properly. Maybe it’s not registering the clicks, or the laser has dead-sports, whatever the case, a new mouse might be what’s needed. Whether it’s for gaming, doing work, or indulging in a bit of Bitcoin betting, these are the most popular types of mice on the market right now.

The Standard

This is the one most available at computer stores, which also makes it the cheapest for the most part. This kind of mouse is made up of three buttons: the left click, the right click, and the roller. Perfect for work and for most games, this type of mouse is typically what you’d see being sold by Microsoft, and excels in most fields of computer usage. Keep in mind that it’s always better to find one that has a certain number of clicks – usually around 2 to 3 million – to ensure the mouse has a long lifespan.

The FPS Mouse

If you’re looking for something more responsive, with an extremely high DPI along with full DPI control, then an FPS mouse is the way to go. These are the mice designed for games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Quake, and Counter-Strike, and excel in giving the user full control of their horizontal and vertical controls. Many of these mice even come with a designated sniper button, which allows the player to drop down the DPI quickly for using a sniper in game.

The MMO Mouse

More similar to the standard, this kind of mouse isn’t so focused on DPI as it is on functionality and shortcuts. These are the kind of mice that you’d see with a full keypad on the side, each one a programmable macro that the gamer can then use in their MMO. Since many MMOs tend to require a lot of buttons to make full use of skills and gear, this type of mouse can make it that much easier to choose something on the go, while still making full use of the keyboard.

Customisable Mouse

Weight can an important factor when buying a mouse, and sometimes the mouse you’ve just bought is either too heavy or too light. The answer to this is a weight-adjustable mouse, which comes with a set of small weights that can be added or taken off the mouse to make the weight just perfect for each individual. These also tend to be on the more expensive side, but often also come with all the functionality of an FPS mouse and the comfort of a more standard device.