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The Best VR Headsets Worth Buying

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets Worth Buying Today

When virtual reality first hit the public market around two years ago, most gamers were extremely sceptical about the viability of the new technology. Not only was it often prohibitively expensive for most people, but often enough it caused a range of physical problems. All in all, VR’s first true foray into the world of gaming was met with a mixed response.

But developers took note of the complaints, and many worked hard to refine and streamline the technology, making it more accessible and with fewer issues. While VR is still far from being the next generation of gaming, it’s not that far off, and there are plenty of different sets to choose from for those looking to change up their gaming style.

  1. The HTC Vive

This is perhaps the VR headset that has made the most progress in the interactive entertainment world, and while it’s still expensive enough to put off most people, it’s also a powerful gaming accessory that is starting to see more practical use, especially as more developers focus on released more advanced 3D games and online pokies. The Vive has a 2160×1200 OLED display, and works with a huge selection of Steam games.

  1. Oculus Rift

Arguably the headset that really got the ball rolling, the Rift is the Facebook-owned VR headset that was poised to change the gaming world. Although it didn’t do very well initially, the Rift has seen some major refinement, and today it is not that different to the Vive, as it shares the same resolution and refresh rates. It’s also one of the cheaper options, but that’s very likely to change in the future.

  1. PlayStation VR

This is a PlayStation 4 exclusive device that requires that it is linked to a PS4 for functionality. Most of the games that make use of the PSVR can be played using the traditional Dualshock controller, but PlayStation also provides move controllers, which have seen some success on the market. Overall, this tends to be the cheapest option for those looking to start playing VR games. The selection of games isn’t as broad as what can be found on a platform like Steam, but with more and more games being developed for the PS4, it should be enough for most gamers.

  1. Samsung Gear VR

Not so much aimed at gamers, but rather as an interactive solution for 3D entertainment, the Gear VR has been around for about three years now, and has seen major refinement. It’s not nearly as advanced or as expensive as the previous entries, but those that want to make use of it will need to own a Samsung S6 or later. There are a couple of great games that do exist for the platform, such as Minecraft and Eve Gunjack, but the real power lies in its streaming and app purposes.

  1. Google Cardboard

The entry-level VR headset that everyone should give a try. Despite how cheap it looks, it actually provides decent quality 3D projection, and it’s easy to replace if broken.