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Ergonomic Gaming Accessories For Improved Health

Playing games is not exactly the healthiest thing we can do, in terms of our physical well-being. Being sedentary for too long can cause a myriad of issues, some of which can turn quite serious if not properly taken care of. From damaged wrists to spinal problems to a number of other things that can cause long term damage.

But as we enter into an age where more and more people start working and playing at their desks, it’s becoming more important than ever to address these health problems and finding solutions that work immediately while also being inexpensive to implement. This leads us to the world of gaming ergonomics, which includes a variety of different gadgets and other helpful tools to cut down on the amount of damage caused to our bodies from spending too much time in front of our computers.

Ergonomic Mousepads

The mouse is arguably the most common computer peripheral after the keyboard, and we use the mouse for just about every graphical interaction, from clicking on a link to playing most video games. The way that the mouse sits, however, is a common factor in the cause of certain ailments like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which involves long-term damage to our wrists. One way around this is by getting hold of an ergonomic mousepad, which are mousepads that often have a soft bump on the bottom side that give our wrist something to comfortably rest on. These come in many flavours, and it’s even possible to find ones that are specifically designed for gamers.

Gaming Chairs

For many, a chair might not seem like an important piece of furniture to invest in, and those same people will often settle on a cheap camping chair. But sitting in a certain type of chair for too long can cause serious damage to our spines, which are not meant to be sitting at straight angles for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s a better idea to instead invested in an ergonomic gaming chair, one that has been designed to naturally fit the curvature of the spine and provide long term support. It might be more expensive to invest in a chair like this, but doing so will ultimately save in medical costs, so it’s worth making the best go of it.

Monitor Stands

Another problem that many gamers face is the incorrect angles of their monitors, which can also lead to serious spinal issues. We are meant to face our monitors directly in front of us, with our eyes looking straight at the screen. This posture is good for both eyesight and for supporting the the spine, and is recommended for anyone that spends more than 2 hours a day in front of their computer. There are a number of different adjustable stands that can be used to increase the height of a monitor, and it might be worth investing in a monitor that comes with adjustable height and angle.