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The Beginners Guide to Betting on eSports

The Beginners Guide to Betting on eSports

As eSports continues to establish itself in popular culture and become increasingly more dominant, the rate at which punters are choosing to bet on eSports is growing exponentially. As regular sports don’t interest everyone, eSports have opened up a massive market for betting and thousands of punters take advantage of this on a daily basis. Here’s how you too can get in on the action.

Do Plenty of Research

As with any form of sports betting, the first step to eSports betting success is to do plenty of research. You don’t need to become an expert overnight able to rattle off statistics like a robot, but you do need to have a general understanding of the games being contested and the tournament formats. Read up on the most successful teams and the rising stars in the world of eSports.

Choosing Your Market

Much like traditional sports betting, the eSports markets available to choose from could quickly become overwhelming if you don’t narrow them down. The most popular eSports are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends, but it isn’t a good idea to get started on all 3. Decide on which market interests you most and focus your attention and bankroll on that eSport until you’re more experienced.

Finding the Best Odds

Sports betting in all its forms is based on the odds set by the bookmaker and in order to maximise the potential return on investment, it’s absolutely imperative that you find the best odds possible – just like you would search for the best real slots NZ. So how does a novice punter go about doing this? Your best bet is to create an account with a few reputable sportsbooks in order to navigate the odds on offer with ease.

Finding the Best Betting Site

While there are plenty of sportsbooks to choose from, not all sportsbooks are worth your time and money. Much like your research on eSports, you should do research on the sportsbooks available to you to ensure that you only create an account with the best that the internet has to offer. Speak to fellow punters, follow betting forums religiously, and do independent research to get a good idea of who to sign up with and who to avoid.

Making Use of Betting Bonuses

Owing to the fact that there are so many sportsbooks to choose from, the power is essentially in the punters hands and sportsbooks need to make themselves attractive to potential new customers. Sportsbooks achieve this by offering fantastic sign up bonuses which will increase your betting power by matching your 1st, 2nd, and perhaps even 3rd deposit.

Start Small and Expand

Once you’ve decided on your chosen eSports market, done your research on the best online sportsbooks and created a few accounts, it will be time to start placing your bets. If there is one piece of advice we can offer you in this regard it’s to start small and expand slowly. It would be incredibly unwise to put down your entire bankroll on a single wager, so rather build your bankroll slowly until you’re more experienced.