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Most Popular e-Sports

The World’s Most Popular e-Sports

For most of the modern world’s history, sports were confined to either a field, a racetrack, or the great outdoors. No one ever imagined that when video games first became popular, they would one day grow to be among the most popular sports in the world. But that is exactly what happened, and today we have the genre of e-sports, where everyone is done in the digital realm. E-sports are quite new, having only gained larger audience recognition in recent years, and while competitive gaming has been around for decades, it never before saw the success and widespread fandom that is has today.

E-sports come in all shapes and sizes, and anyone that even has a mild interest in video games will most likely have heard of some of the games that will be mentioned here. These games are changing the face of the sporting world as we know it, and continue to grow in popularity with every passing year. Next time you’re interested in watching these sports, or even want to get involved in the lucrative betting scenes associated with these sports provided by such platforms as Australian betting apps, use this guide to help you find the right sports.

Dota 2

While there are more popular games out there, many consider Dota 2 as the game that made the e-sports genre as big as it is today. Dota 2 was released on the gaming platform Steam in 2012, and right from the start it was a massive hit among gamers. The game would go on to be the most played game on Steam for years to come, only losing that title in the last year. Dota 2 nevertheless has a huge fan-base, and the Dota 2 Championships are one of the biggest e-sports events of the year.

League of Legends

The titan in e-sports gaming, League of Legends has seen success like few other games. With over 1 billion accounts and millions of concurrent players at any given event, there’s no doubt that League of Legends has had a tremendous affect on the industry in both e-sports and the MOBA genre. Today, the game remains as one of the most played in the world, and provides skilled players with a shot at game celebrity.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike is one of the oldest games around, having first gained prominence in the early 2000s as a stand-alone mod of the Half Life games. It didn’t take long for the game to gain a following, and many gamers remember good times playing against their friends on Dust_2. The developers at Valve decided to reboot the game with new visuals and mechanics, and it caught on like wildfire. With hundreds of thousands of games playing at any given time, Counter Strike has created an entire subculture of its own, and has become a force to be reckoned with in the e-sports world.

While e-sports may not quite as popular as physical sports, they are growing in popularity with every passing day, and it won’t be long before international e-sports tournaments are up there with the rest of them.