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Definition of eSports

What are eSports?

For those who are avid gamers or who have not played for years most people have heard about electronic sports (eSports).  This business has been estimated to bring in around $1.5 billion by the year 2020 and there have been prize pools of around $24 million for those who play eSports for financial gain.  A conversation between two eSports gamers may sound like a different language to normal people and this article will look at what eSports means and a short guide to them.

ESports is for those gamers who play professionally and includes solely video games, but any video game with a winner and a loser can be considered an eSport, however the bingo online Australia has to offer does not fall in to this category.  The more players there are the better competition will be. Most eSports are team based and are played in tournaments and leagues throughout the year that ends with one final event or game.  Most eSports are played between gamers from the same region.

The best way to understand eSports is to watch or play and games such as Rocket League, Street Fighter and StarCraft 2 are popular and easier to play.  Rocket League is a simpler eSport with little strategy involved. Street Fighter is a fighting game with good animations.  StarCraft 2 is a strategy game and one of the pioneering games.

ESports Formats

ESports come in two main formats, first person shooter (FPS) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).  MOBA’s consist of two teams who are the heroes of the game and have different strengths, abilities or weaknesses.  The aim of the game is to eliminate the opponent and gain an advantage by taking over their base for example.  Most games are played by killing the opponents from the opposite side and gaining various things that improve their character. MOBA’s are usually viewed from the top down while FPS games show the interaction between the two players from the player’s perspective.  The outcome of the FPS games will differ, for some it is to take control of a location or obtaining a particular objective.

Types of eSports

There are also eSports that are card games such as FIFA, where players manage football clubs. ESports also include strategy and fighting games.  The sports ones are usually the simplest because they are real world sports as well as fighting games.

Other eSports include Strategy games where players build armies by trying to defeat each other and take part in battles to gain the advantage and other types of card games where players fight monsters by using spells and they have to maintain their health.

Making Money from eSports

ESports players not only play for cash rewards but there is also the motivation to be the best.  There are international eSports competitions with generous prizes and even sponsorship deals for teams. Some leagues offer player’s regular salaries if they succeed in staying in a competition and some leagues offer rewards for winning competitions. The most popular platforms for watching eSports are YouTube and Twitch, but ESPN and BBC will screen the more high profile games.

ESports are very popular and appeal to players of all ages. This lucrative business continues to grow as technology evolves and new and more challenging games are developed.