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Guide To Choosing The Right eSport

Choosing The Right eSports For Beginners

eSports are taking the world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. With fast-paced, competitive action that sees some of the world’s best gamers fight for the ultimate win, eSports are just as enthralling and entertaining as watching other sports. Like other sports, eSports are not for everyone, but for those that are interested in making it into a career; there are some things that need to be known.

The first and possibly most important is choosing the right game. Playing a game that you don’t enjoy will never allow you to be truly good at it. You might grow bored and lose interest in a game you dislike, or you may never really feel the natural flow of the game, putting you at a disadvantage when competing against others.

Whatever the case, choosing an eSports to begin a competitive career is the first step to take. We start this by sorting through the different genres, and finding out how they work, how popular they are, and why these games are different to something like slots NZ.

Start With Genres

Video games are split into many genres and sub-genres, and each is unique in its own way. This applies to the world of eSports, and there is plenty to choose from. Without becoming overwhelmed by all the different sub-genres, let’s stick with the most widely known and most popular.


Here we have the reigning king of the eSports world. The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is, at the moment, the most popular genre of game across the globe, enjoyed by billions of players. This is also home to the biggest international tournaments available, where the best players the gaming scene has to offer compete against each other, often for millions in winnings.

Games in this genre include Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of Newerth, among others. This is also one of the most difficult genres to get into, in part due to the sheer number of others also trying to get in, but also in part because of the barring skill level required.


The first person shooter, also known as the FPS, is the second-in-lead in eSports, and encompasses games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty. This is an incredibly competitive gaming scene, and some of the fastest, most brutal moments in gaming history took place within this genre. This also tends to be a little easier to get into than MOBAs, but also requires plenty of practise and a certain level of skill.

Real Time Strategy

Another genre that has a strong competitive scene, but one that has waned somewhat in recent years, the RTS is still a strong force in the gaming world. The biggest name in the genre is Starcraft and its successor, Starcraft 2. Starcraft is particularly popular within South Korea, where professional players are treated like celebrities, even earning salaries comparable to Hollywood celebrities.

Once you’ve found a genre that suits you, the next step is to learn the game as much as possible, and then spend as much time practising as possible.