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The Must Have Xbox One Accessories

The Must Have Xbox One Accessories

The Xbox One is one of the most popular and powerful consoles available today. To get the most from your device, lets looks at some excellent accessories. These vastly improve your gaming experience.

Xbox One Controller And Charge Kit

The Xbox One controller has the added benefit of being compatible with Windows PCs making this a multipurpose controller to have. It also helps that it is technically one of the best controllers available for any console, and makes games as exciting as the online pokies NZ has to offer.

Sales have been hurt by the very high price point of these controllers, along with the fact that they cannot be charged and instead require AA batteries. Despite these niggles the standard Xbox One control pad is an excellent piece of hardware and a second controller is essential for any gamer.

To take care of the annoying battery swopping that will be required when playing your Xbox One, why not check out the excellent Xbox One Play and Charge kit. This moderately priced batter pack lets you simply charge and play your controllers. It is still handy to have a few batteries lying around just in case though.

A Device Remote And Chatpad

One of the worst experiences on any Internet enabled console is attempting to use the controller as a keyboard. All consoles UI’s allow you to type using your control pad by moving a cursor around text characters but this is so slow and annoying. Get yourself a chatpad. These gaming accessories allow players to easily type out a text message or URL with no issues, even in the dark. The official Xbox One chatpads come with backlit keys allowing you to text in the middle of the night.

A Media Remote is also an excellent addition to your Xbox gear as it makes multimedia usage a breeze. These remotes again help you circumvent the cumbersome gamepad interface. While these remotes can be a bit expensive and for many gamers unnecessary, they do make your life so much simpler, especially when you combine them with the Xbox’s Digital TV tuner which allows you to watch your favourite televisions channels through your Xbox.

An Additional Hard drive

The Seagate Game Drive is the safest, most reliable option for Xbox owners who want some extra storage space. This is an essential purchase for any serious gamers as the storage space on standard Xbox consoles can be a bit limited.

Seagate has been a popular name in hard drives thanks to their reasonable prices and reliable hardware. You will not experience any power issues or formatting issues at any time. The Seagate Game Drive is easily picked up by your console, and it works like a dream.

Headset Accessories

One of the best options out there for gamers looking for a quality headset is the Turtle Beach XO 3 gaming headset. Its cheap price should not discourage you as it is a well-built device that sounds great.

The included microphone punches well above its weight. The only downside to this great headset is that its surround sound options are not the best and it does lack some features you would find on more expensive headsets.