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The Best New Xbox One Games Releasing in 2019

Microsoft’s Xbox One may be turning 6 years old this year, but this simply means 6 years of incredible gaming experiences and 2019 is set to be no different. While this list may not seem very long at all, we had to choose our absolute favourites from a long list of new game releases for the Xbox One.


Anthem has already been lauded as a major departure for BioWare owing to its RPG multiplayer focus and we couldn’t be more excited. Anthem sees you take control of a Freelancer who pilots javelin exosuits while traversing an alien world’s sumptuous jungles. With 4 different starting models to choose from, how you customise and upgrade your exosuit is entirely up to you. While Anthem can be played solo, it may be a better idea to team up with other players in order to succeed in the game’s most challenging sections.


From the makers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, comes Control which seems to borrow gameplay mechanics from Remedy Entertainment’s previous successes. You’ll take on the role of Jesse Faden, a woman who breaks into the Federal Bureau of Control – a government agency which researches ways to exploit and explain paranormal phenomenon – in the hopes of finding the answers behind her own supernatural abilities.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

If horror is your thing, then Man of Medan, the first instalment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, is definitely for you and almost as thrilling as online pokies Australia! You’ll find yourself having to guide the movements of a group of young adults trapped aboard a ghost ship and your decisions will mould how the story plays out – including who will gets out alive. If you had the electrifying pleasure of experiencing Supermassive’s PS4-exclusive Until Dawn, then we know you’re just as excited as we are for their new release.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus will see you reprise your role as series protagonist Artyom as you lead a group of survivors through a post-nuclear apocalyptic landscape by hiding in the Russian subway. However, this time, you’ll be rising from Moscow’s Metro and faced with an array of deadly new threats on the surface, including both mutant creatures and humans. As Artyom, you’ll get to explore the landscape which is finally showing signs of recovery making for a beautiful game.

Twin Mirror

If you’re considering purchasing the Xbox One X, the good news is that all existing Xbox One titles are perfectly compatible with the latest console, including the latest release from Dontnod Entertainment in partnership with Bandai Namco – Twin Mirror. You wake up as Sam with a large amount of blood on your clothing and absolutely no memory of what took place. You’ll have to piece together the events from the previous night by exploring both the real world and the surreal manifestations of your own psyche. Sound intriguing? You may have a wait a little while to find out what happened as there is no solid release date for Twin Mirror as yet.