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The Best Selling Consoles Ever Released

While consoles don’t quite have the same pull as they once did, they can still be credited for being the bridge that brought millions to the world of video games. From the original PlayStation 1 to the latest Xbox, consoles have long been the go-gaming system for many millions.

Xbox 360

Exclusives for the Xbox 360 such as Halo 3 and Gears of War pushed this console above its closest rival, the PlayStation 3. Before leaving manufacturing, the Xbox 360 sold a total 84 million units before the Xbox One was released to the public.


Everyone’s favourite movement control system is one that many will remember fondly The distinctive layout of the Wii and Nintendo exclusives such as Super Smash Bros: Melee and Mario Kart greatly increased the console’s popularity. Nintendo sold more than 101 million Wiis before switching it out of production for the newer Wii U. The Wii U didn’t quite find the same success among fans, and quietly faded into obscurity, especially with the rise of household gaming computers, which became a favourite for playing games and mobile pokies .

PlayStation 1

At the time, the PlayStation 1 was a massive success, with even the Nintendo N64 unable to unseat it from its throne. Not only did the PS1 create many successful franchises that are still with us today, but it catapulted Sony to the top of the gaming hierarchy. It eventually went on to sell 102.5 million units around the globe.

Game Boy

Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Colour were the first successful handheld gaming devices, and proved that people wanted to take their games with them. Due to how simple it was to carry everywhere, these portable game consoles were extremely common worldwide. Coupled with an inexpensive cost, great games like Pokemon (Gen 1 and 2), Zelda, and Donkey Kong Country produced the Game Boy extremely competitive. Nintendo sold around 119 million units.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo once again hit gold with the Nintendo DS. At the time, the dual screen layout was extremely new and the console’s touch capacities rendered it popular with gamers of all ages. Like the Game Boy, the exclusive high-quality and comparatively inexpensive cost tag made for a very famous system. The DS far exceeded the Game Boy’s figures, selling just over 154 million games.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 from Sony: the best-selling console of all moment for video games. Released a year before its rivals, the Xbox and Nintendo GameCube, the PlayStation smashed Sony revenue records set by its predecessor. Games such as GTA assisted in putting the PlayStation 2 into households around the world, and while Sony no longer supports the console, it can still be commonly found. The company would go on to sell over 155 million during the course of its time at stores. This record may never be breached, especially considering that the current console industry is starting to take a dive in sales as mobile devices become more popular. Whatever the case, the PS2 remains a beloved machine that provided countless hours of entertainment for many.