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All About PlayStation VR

All About PlayStation Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an environment created using software and the user will see this environment as real.  VR is experienced through sight and sound.  The PlayStation (PS) VR system provides users with a VR experience using 360 degrees tracking of the head and a wide angled view of images delivered at a rate of 120Hz and uses 3D audio and all this allows the user to feel as though they have been transported to a whole new world or environment.

Players will need to have a PS VR system, PS4 console and PS Camera.  The majority of PS VR games can use the DualShock 4 controller but if players would like to enhance their gaming experience they can purchase the PS Move motion controllers.

How Does it Work?

The PS VR is a VR headset that displays a different image to each of the eyes generated by the PS4 system.  The VR headset has both LED lights and motion sensors and when combined with the PS camera the system will track the position of the head.  The games and applications make use of this tracking and provide 3D visuals and audio to the user who will be transported to an immersive and virtual world.  The DualShock 4, PS Move and PS VR Aim controllers are also tracked and allows the user to interact with the created virtual world.  The PS Move and PS VR Aim controllers allows users to interact and control the games which gives them a feeling of an even greater presence in the created world.  Most players will agree that having the Move controllers with enhanced hand-tracking will increase the immersive feeling of the game.  Some PS VR games will also require players to have the Move controllers.

Players can use their PS VR to watch content in 2D by using the “cinematic mode”.  This means that they can watch movies and play PS4 games on a huge virtual screen while wearing the VR headset.  Players will need to use their PS Camera to set this up, but it is not needed when the cinematic mode is actively being used.

PS VR Games

PS VR Worlds lets players explore five different experiences.  An encounter with a great white, crawling through space hulks, participating in a futuristic sport or being part of a gangster thriller.

Superhot is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game where players are thrown into a chaotic world with lots of shooting and flying bullets.  Players will have to navigate through bullets while moving through levels that get more complex.

Like the online Bingo Australia has to offer, Moss has been designed for single players and is an action adventure game with puzzles to solve.  The game features captivating characters, action-packed combat and an enchanting world to explore.  Moss is very interactive; allowing players to be immersed in a fantasy world.

Bravo Team is a FPS game where players find themselves in hostile territory.  Players will need to stay level headed in difficult situations to get through the mission.

New PS VR games to look forward to include The Persistence where players are stranded on a colony Ship, Eden Tomorrow where players explore an alien world and Ace Combat 7 where players can be a fighter pilot.

PS VR offers players an immersive and interactive gaming experience where they can take part in all kinds of virtual worlds and environments.