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How To Fix Common PlayStation 5 Problems

The PlayStation 5 is widely considered to be the most refined consoles released by Sony yet. The build quality is without equal, and the engineers and developers behind the console made sure to address all the more common issues that plagued the previous generation.

What we have then is a powerful console built with premium materials that offerings a sublime gaming experience. But the PlayStation 5, as good as it is, isn’t completely without its faults, and there are plenty of people turning to forums and to customer support to try and sort out the problems that they have encountered.

Rest Mode

The rest mode crash bug was one of the first major glitches that PS5 owners encountered after purchasing their new console, and it was enough of a problem that it quickly became known to Sony. It generally involved the console crashing when put into rest mode, and could even lead to the loss of saved game progress, a gamer’s worst nightmare. The issue has been addressed by Sony with a patch, but for those gamers that are still experiencing it, it might be worth turning off rest mode within the PlayStation’s settings menu.

Common Error Codes

Another problem that a lot of players reported is having their PS5 suddenly freeze, and it required that they use the button to do a hard reset. This freezing is related to error code CE-108262-9. This error is caused by a problem with the console reading the software properly and freezing. Most of the time this issue can be solved with a simple software update, which should be done automatically.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity is a problem that affects just about every device imaginable, and despite all the wired and wireless standards that we now use in the modern age, it continues to be a pain for many people.

The PS5 is no exception, and there are countless stories and posts of people battling to get their new consoles to connect to the internet, specifically to the PlayStation Network, which means that they are not able to access their PSN accounts or download any games off of the marketplace, and sometimes it’s worth giving up and enjoying mobile betting NZ instead.

One of the ways to get around this problem is by switching off the router for a period of time before reconnecting the PS5. If the issue has been fixed, it should be possible to connect to the PlayStation Network, and if it’s still not working, it might be worth contacting the Sony technical team.

External Hard Drive Errors

It’s possible to save all PS4 saved games and other information to an external hard drive and then transfer it all over to a PlayStation 5. But sometimes this transfer won’t happen, with the PS5 complaining of data corruption.  Thankfully, there are several recovery tools available that are designed to help PS4 owners recover the data on their hard drive and make it available once again to transfer to their new console.