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The Future Of PlayStation 

While there are players eagerly queuing for the latest gaming technology on the market, there will always be new tech. It’s no surprise that Sony PlayStation keeps rolling with the times and continues to provide us with the best tech possible at the best prices. This is where Sony excels, they have managed to capture a market share by providing players with the best gaming tech at the best price.

Even though Sony took it a step further and recently unveiled a PS 4 Pro, which is essentially a beefed up PS 4, it is by no means a full generation leap. The real evolution in gaming will only be seen in the future PlayStation versions still to be released like the PlayStation 5. Still very much a rumour at this point, the PS 5 is definitely coming, it’s just a matter of time.

A Look Into The Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro has one major selling point, the promise of 4K gaming and the allure of seamless virtual reality.

The console itself is not a huge generation leap; the graphics are slightly enhanced with clever tech that makes use of light more realistically to display a high dynamic range. The console still plays all the same titles like GTA 5 and offers the ame excitement as online nzd casino games.

Optimized for 4K television sets the Pro will not have a huge difference on your standard HD TV. Even though Sony was admittedly open about this, the PS 4 Pro seemed like a bit of a waste for the time it was produced in.

Tech Of The Time

PlayStation 4 ProThe PS 4 Pro seemed like a bit of a waste simply because you require a 4K TV to get the best out of the console. The console itself has a price tag and decent 4K televisions aren’t exactly your every day shopping item.

The brutal reality is that even though many people do have 4K TV sets, the majority of Sony’s loyal customers are still sitting with HD TV’s firmly planted against their walls.

The dominant tech of the time still rests in HD, 4K is the future but for now it’s still too new and too expensive to roll out with a holistic approach to including everyone into the game, and that’s why many loyal Sony fans felt like the Pro was a slap in the face.

The Next PlayStation

If Sony releases a new PlayStation 5 in the near future, you can bet that it will be interlinked with the kind of technology available on the market. Without speculating, I think the technology for a new PlayStation already exists but Sony are aware of the selling points of any of its consoles.

The technology needs to be readily available to the public and at this stage we are just not there. New televisions haven’t rolled out into every home and people are wary of purchasing such new tech so quickly. Once the tech has been on the market long enough it is slowly perfected/enhanced and eventually becomes cheaper.

The PlayStation 5 will use new tech flawlessly and capture the world with a processor and GPU that is capable of truly immersing you into a game with exceptional graphical output and virtual reality tech.

Is PlayStation Still Dominating?

The future of PlayStation is cemented into gaming history one way or another. The mere fact that the PlayStation 4 broke sales records upon release should be a clear indicator that they still capture the predominant market share.

Even though the Pro didn’t quite make the waves Sony would have liked it to, X Box One May change the sway of fortune and Sony May have to stoke back with something bigger and better. That will be the PlayStation 5, and we could be seeing it by 2020.