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Everything You Need To Know About The PS5

Rumours and half-truths about Sony’s next flagship console have been circulating around the Internet for the better part of the last two years, but the company has finally decided to release some real information about the machine and what it’s capable of. The PS5 is set to release at a time where the PS4 and the PS4 Pro have already taken as much of the market as they can, and Sony hopes that their next creation will be as popular as its predecessors.

PlayStation 5 Confirmed Specs

There have been endless rumours of what kind of hardware the PS5 will be sporting, but thanks to some information that has been drip-fed from the company over the last few months, we finally have some concrete specs that the upcoming console will boast. In terms of a chipset, it’s been confirmed that the PS5 will be making use of the 8-core AMD chipset that is based on the third generation of Ryzen architecture, and the GPU will be an amalgamation of the best parts of the Radeon Navi GPU family, which is built specifically to run with SSD storage systems.

Backwards Compatibility

They have revealed that there will be backwards compatibility with PSVR hardware, and all PS4 games. Along with this, they have confirmed 8k TV support. The look of the console has yet to be revealed to the public, but with the confirmed CPU and GPU, we can expect that the PS5 will be capable of ray tracing, with is an advanced lighting technique that will bring greater immersion into visuals, most often used in big-budget Hollywood films.

SSD and 8K Supports

We can also expect higher overall detail in all games released that support 8K resolution, and the promise of an integrated SSD as a storage solution means that the console should have lower loading times, higher textures, and that the games will becoming more complex. They believe that the new SSD that will be shipped with the console will be 19 times faster than the conventional SSD systems that we’re using at the moment.


In terms of audio, Sony hopes to reach a new “golden standard” with the PS5, entirely thanks to a brand new audio engine that’s designed to deliver immersive sound, especially if the user is using headphones. We can expect that it will be similar to the Dolby Atmos setup.

Cloud Gaming

Sony has also confirmed that the PS5 will support cloud gaming performance, which they say will dramatically increase graphical rendering. This may extend to other fields, even as far as online horse betting Australia. This is important, as it means that much of the rendering will be done at one of Sony’s facilities and then stream directly to the console, something that has been in the pipework for the last few years, but hasn’t seen any real fruition. PlayStation Now will be the platform they use to make this all work, along with a number of other features, including Remote Play, that would provide a “seamless” gaming experience.