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Top Games That Are Exclusive To The PC Platform

Arguing over which gaming platform is better, console or PC, is an act in futility. Consoles are cheaper and more widely available, but PCs offer vastly improved quality, while being more expensive. Whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference.

What we’re looking at today is the best games that are exclusively available on the PC platform. Given that these titles were not forced to adjust quality standards in order to operate on less powerful console hardware, they show significant boots in certain departments. Mostly the visual department.

Either way, these are best PC exclusive games out now.

Total War Franchise

What happens when you tap the full potential of the PC platform? You get a game that can simulate full-scale warfare, in real time, while not sacrificing visual fidelity. The Total War franchise has a ravenous fan base, and there is little wonder why. The games focus intensely on realism and deeply engaging war strategy, and manage to do so while still offering some of the most visually incredible, epic battles possible.

Some of the latest major titles in the franchise, the Total War: Warhammer series, even introduced dragons, trolls and other fantasy creatures as additions to your enormous armies. Lord of the Rings eat your heart out.

Keep in mind though; if all you’ve been doing with your PC right now is visiting Australia’s top betting sites online, you may need an upgrade to properly enjoy games of this immense scale.

Civilization Franchise

The Civilization franchise has been running since, practically, the very birth of the PC. It is similar in many ways to the Total War franchise, but with more of a focus on the strategy aspect, and less on the epic real-time battles.

The games are still deeply engaging, and many would argue that they are the peak of modern strategy games. An enormous, dedicated fan base eagerly awaits the latest releases, and it is no exaggeration to say that a single campaign could easily last you a month of playtime before concluding. PC gaming at its best.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Original Sin 2 has, technically speaking, been ported to other hardware, but is still very much considered to be a PC game through and through. It is widely considered to be the most expansive, deeply engaging RPG of all time, surpassing even the likes of The Witcher 3. Though, many will point out that it isn’t as visually impressive as The Witcher 3, it is vastly more in-depth, diverse, and astonishingly more expansive.

Counter Strike

No PC-exclusive list would be complete without mentioning the Counter Strike games. As far as professional gaming is concerned, Counter Strike Global Offensive is the peak. It also happens to only be available on the PC platform, most likely because high frames are essential, and only possible via cutting edge hardware. It need not also be mentioned that playing Counter Strike games without a mouse is akin to suicide.