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The Top PC Games Of 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for most of the world thanks to the coronavirus and the many transportation, social, and financial issues that it caused. Thankfully, the WHO advised that one of the safest hobbies to enjoy during this time is playing video games, and there are many excellent video games out there at the moment that are worth checking out. These are some of the very best games of the year so far, but there will undoubtedly be many more games to come out as the year continues to progress forward.

Apex Legend

While Apex Legends technically came out in 2019, it only really found its stride during the earlier months of 2020, and has evolved to become the best battle royale game that’s currently available to play.  It’s a game packed with endless things to do, and the free moment, various guns, and being free to play with only cosmetic purchases available, it’s definitely one of the better game son the market right now, and one that’s perfect for anyone that has grown bored of Fortnite during the lockdown months, or needs something new to play between bouts of pokies online NZ.

Doom Eternal

Doom is the granddaddy of all first-person shooters, and it was a game that revolutionised the entire industry 30 years ago. And while we’ve had countless FPS games that came close to being perfect, it wouldn’t be until 2016 that we received a true successor to the original game, but made for the modern era of high powered gaming rigs. Doom 2016 was considered a masterpiece by both new and old Doom fans, and the sequel, Doom Eternal, was much anticipated. The developers did not disappoint, and what we got was a fast-paced action game that’s almost as good as the 2016 version. Unfortunately, a few issues with the music means that the 2016 is still slightly better, but Doom Eternal still provides plenty of punch.

Deep Rock Galactic

This humble game started out as a Steam early access release but was released with a ton of content for players to enjoy. Consisting of various game modes that up to 4 players are able to take part in at once, Deep Rock Galactic is a violent and colourful way to spend an entire afternoon, offering some of the most addictive online game play that the Steam community has on offer. With a number of classes, weapons, maps, objectives, and enemies, this is a game that’s not to be missed, especially as the developers have worked hard to keep the updates regular.

Ori And The Will of The Wisps

Ori and The Blind Forest was a true one man success, and quickly became an all-time favourite among gamers. It offered near perfect game play in a beautiful setting with plenty of action and adventure. it’s little wonder that the sequel has done just as well, and offers many of the same features as the original, except this time set within an entirely new plot line.