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The Best Distros For Modern Gaming

Gaming on Linux systems has always been a problem in the past, where the vast majority of modern games were designed to work on Windows almost exclusively. This is beginning to change, however, as more and more people turn to Linux to escape the increasing intrusiveness of Windows. And because of the larger migration, more and more developers are turning to Linux, providing more games, better support, and overall improved integration. With that in mind, these are the best distros for gaming as of 2020.

Ubuntu Gamepack

While it isn’t the default Ubuntu – which has become a favourite amongst Linux users – it’s rather a distro based off of Ubuntu that can run most modern games fairly easily. It is still possible to simply run normal games off of the regular Ubuntu using a combination of Steam and Wine, although it’s not nearly as well optimised as Ubuntu Gamepack.

Fedora Games Spin

Fedora is a lightweight distro that has gained popularity among those that want a low-resource operating system. The regular version of Fedora can become a headache when trying to install most games, which is where Fedora Games Spin comes in. It comes with thousands of games pre-installed, and allows for a smooth gaming experience combined with the lightweight nature of a XFCE environment. It should be noted that while Games Spin is quite stable, it often comes without all of the latest hardware drivers, which might be an issue for those trying to claim and use the latest casino bonus offer for Canadians, although it’s usually a problem that can be fixed with an internet connection available.

Game Drift Linux

Game Drift Linux is another distro based directly off of Ubuntu while putting a lot of focus on providing an environment for gamers. Most of the games and software included in Game Drift Linux works straight out of the box, meaning that it’s possible to enjoy a large selection of different games.

Manjaro Gaming Edition

The Manjaro Gaming Edition distro, also commonly known as mGAMe, is based on the extremely popular Manjaro Linux distribution, meaning that it’s both modern and fast. Due to it being based on Manjaro, mGAMe is a rolling release, meaning that it generally receives the very latest updates as they come out of testing. It comes with a number of emulators already installed, including PlayOnLinux, Steam, Minecraft, and a number of other editing tools.


Perhaps the first choice for anyone that simply wants to use their machine for gaming, SteamOS is Valve’s answer to gaming on any Linux Distro. Closely linked to Proton, SteamOS was developed to work as the direct counterpart to the Steam found on Windows. Due to it being based on Debian, SteamOS works well on most machines, and gives the user the chance to play almost every game that the Steam library has on offer. All software is already setup and ready to go, making it a great choice for those that want a smooth and streamlined gaming experience out of the box.