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Best New PC Games of 2017

Best New PC Games of 2017

There was certainly no shortage of new and exciting PC games released throughout 2017 and we haven’t even reached the end of the year yet! Take a look at our top-rated new PC games for this year, which should be purchased and played immediately.

Hollow Knight

What Makes Hollow Knight so spectacular, above all else, is how expansive and lush the subterrestrial kingdom of Hollownest is. You could easily spend 30 hours playing this Metroidvania and you would still be left with plenty to discover. Its bug-themed world is a fantastic mixture of dark and melancholic tones with charming characters and beautiful hand drawn art. Hollow Knight truly is the surprise hit of 2017 and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this new classic.

Resident Evil 7

As a reset for the franchise, Resident Evil 7 moves away from the action movie style of its predecessors, switching it up for a creepier, first-person horror adventure. The game developers certainly worked hard to create a game that has essentially breathed new life into the franchise, and the RE7 developers clearly weren’t afraid to look to modern horror games for inspiration. It isn’t quite the dramatic reinvention we were expecting, but they have successfully refined the survival horror game to create a tense, bleak, and grimy atmosphere.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch tells a series of stories about a deceased family in different first-person formats. While interactivity is limited as it’s often a guided experience, the stories themselves are fantastic – skilfully told, uplifting at times, and heart-breaking in others. You should avoid spoilers as much as possible, as it will only ruin the masterful storytelling, and purchase this game immediately. The sad and brilliant story is so fantastic that it’s easy to forgive the limited interactivity.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

While the idea of outdoing Planescape: Torment seems almost as laughable as reinventing online blackjack, its successor Tides of Numenera succeeds at delivering the same philosophical roleplaying in an unfamiliar new setting. A bit more humour may have helped to disarm some of the game’s more austere moments, but the quality of writing and the complexity of the game’s questions are compelling in a way that games rarely achieve. The slow start gives way to a gripping and thought-provoking adventure in a noteworthy setting, and Tides of Numenera is a perfect follow-up to a much-loved RPG.


The PC finally has the best version of one of the best hack and slay games ever produced! Bayonetta’s fighting style is as fluid as they come – expect combos, dodges, and hair-based attacks – and the absurd storyline demanded 4K and 60 fps support, and it’s finally here. The advanced combat tricks brings everything full circle and provides the game with excellent flow – if you dodge in the middle of a combo while holding down either punch or kick, you can resume the combo out of the dodge. Bayonetta has become the essential hack and slay and is one of the best action games available.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is the epitome of horror at its most disgusting and while the game suffers from some confusing stealth segments, this is quickly forgotten thanks to the pure horror. You will most likely feel queasy long after you’ve clocked the game, uncertain of what you’ve just seen – the ending sequence is quite possibly one of the most bizarre ever written – and the game is masterful at tapping into fears you didn’t even know you had. Take a brutal journey through extreme anxieties with Outlast 2.