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Benefits of Gaming on a PC

Advantages of PC Gaming

Gaming has really taken off and is something that people of all ages are enjoying.  Some gamers prefer PC while others prefer console gaming.  This article will look at some of the benefits of PC gaming.

How Steam has Impacted PC Gaming

Steam has had a great impact on the gaming community and with over 10 million gamers around the world the impact of Steam has done much to revive the PC gaming industry.  Steam started with a company called Valve and currently have over 6 000 titles and continuous software updates.  They have generated billions in revenue.

Customisation of Graphics

One of the main benefits of PC gaming is that with a PC it is possible to customise graphics.  Xbox One and PS4 both come with a generic processor which means each gamer playing a game will be limited with regard to customising their game to the way they prefer it.  PC games have seen great improvements over the years as well as industry upgrades.  PC game graphics have improved and the technology of graphics cards has also improved greatly.  It is possible to upgrade a graphics card, which will result in a crisper image.  This is not possible with console gaming.  Graphics are an important part of gaming.

PC Technology

The constant improvements in PC technology mean that PC gaming remains on the cutting edge of technology.  The consoles that are currently being developed have excellent capabilities, but there are PC’s that offer excellent graphics.  There are also high-resolution PC monitors with multicore processors with dual GPS solutions, which make it possible to put together an extremely powerful gaming machine.  Even though there are consoles that offer great gaming technology it cannot compete with the advancements in the PC industry when it comes to hardware.

Even as a PC gets older there is the possibility of being able to upgrade certain components, which can keep a PC current and up to date.

More PC Games

Another great advantage to PC gaming is that there are many more games available as opposed to games for consoles.  This is especially true when it comes to multiplayer online games (MMOG).  Most MMOG games are designed specifically for PC.  PC gamers also have the option to play MUD’s, browser based games and many other game titles, those that are distributed digitally or free downloads.

Not Only for Gaming

A PC is not only used for gaming.  Gamers can use their PC for many other things, like modifying games, online betting, email, streaming movies and a whole lot more. Online gaming on a PC gives gamers multiple ways of connecting to the Internet and to other gamers and no restrictions are placed in the form of having to use certain types of software or proprietary services.  The various brands of PC’s and various operating systems generally communicate well with each other.  Gamers who have an Xbox will only be able to use Xbox live when playing online and can only play with other Xbox gamers.