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New Nintendo Switch Game Releases for 2018

While big name titles such as Celeste and Lost Sphear have already been released for Nintendo Switch, we can now be sure that there are plenty of exciting Nintendo Switch games releases on the horizon for 2018 thanks to the recent Nintendo Direct announcements. Take a look at the 8 releases we are most looking forward to.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a 2D adventure that follows the life of a cat named May. However, don’t get distracted by the fact that May is a cat! The game follows her life post-college and is focused on exploring the darkness of her past as well as the difficulties of human relationships.


Fe sees you in the role of a strange sprite that floats through a forest and sings song to bring the landscape back to life. However, in order to communicate with the different animals and plants and use their abilities to unlock new areas, you’ll be tasked with learning a great number of cries and songs.

Kirby Star Allies

It’s been a long six year wait since the last Kirby adventure for consoles and the new brand-new Kirby Star Allies takes everything the power-stealing gameplay series is known for and gives it a fresh HD makeover. You can also join forces with 3 additional AI or player-controlled characters to help you solve the puzzles and collect hidden rewards.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Freeze

Donkey Kong and company will soon be hitting the Switch console and are bringing a new friend along for the ride – Funky Kong. Funky Kong, who ramps up the excitement of the game so much it’s akin to online pokies for real money, is a Switch-exclusive character equipped with a surfboard which provides him with some rather radical moves, and the new Switch-exclusive co-op mode makes it possible to play with a friend.

Dark Souls: Remastered

Expect the toughest version of Dark Souls ever made and looking better than this game has ever looked before now. Thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to take Dark Souls along with you wherever you go, but just expect to die (in Dark Souls) wherever you go as well!

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

This episodically-release game was first available on PC in 2013, but it will soon hit Nintendo Switch as a complete package along with 5 all-new episodes. Kentucky Route Zero tells the tale of a truck driver who is travelling along a secret highway beneath Kentucky in order to find the fictional Route Zero in order to make his final delivery.

Hollow Knight

This game has enraptured players with its hand-drawn graphics and has surreptitiously taken the PC world by storm. With tight side-scrolling platform action and vast, interconnected worlds, the fluid animations and bright colours are sure to pop on the Nintendo Switch and dark caves and evil bugs will certainly be a sure-fire winner amongst Switch-ers.

2064: Read Only Memories Integral

This narrative adventure game has been heavily inspired by Hideo Kojima’s 90’s cult-classic Snatcher and puts players in the role of a downtrodden reporter who joins forces with a sentient robot named Turing in order to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Turing’s creator. Expect a cyber-noir detective thriller set in the futuristic Neo-San Francisco.