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The Buzz Behind Google Stadia

Once again Google has made an announcement that has got our attention. The search engine giant recently announced that it would be releasing a new browser-based video gaming streaming service that would be a real game changer.

The new service will be called Stadia, and just like mobile casino Malaysia sites, it’s set to offer gamers an entirely new way to play.

Interestingly, Stadia was first mentioned well over a year ago, but at the time Google wasn’t very forthcoming with details. This may well have been due to the fact that they feared that their competition might have capitalised on their ideas.

Now however, they are gearing up to launch Stadia, and in the process they’ll be taking on major tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon . Both these brands offer similar game streaming services, but Stadia is set to be different.

From Project Stream Onwards

Originally, Stadia started off life as Google’s Project Stream and the cloud-based gaming venture was announced in March in San Francisco at GDC 2019. Essentially, the new video gaming platform is similar in many ways to Netflix in that it offers on demand, streaming entertainment straight to your TV desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet, all through the Chrome browser.

It will thus eliminate the need to splash out on consoles and constantly save up for next generation models, as all media will be accessible on your preferred device. It will also do away with download times and ensure that content is always up to date and player ready.

Stadia may be Google’s first real foray into the video game’s world, but they are going all out to ensure that they make an impact, and provide a service that stands out from the crowd in every way.

The platform has been described as combining the entire gaming industry under one virtual roof and it will encompass development, hosting, distribution and advertising. Usually these facets are separated out, but with Stadia they will come together as one package.

It seems like Stadia is intended to merge 2 major parts of the gaming industry that are often kept separate. It will bring together the developers and the fans, and converge the worlds of watching and playing into a single platform. The idea is to offer a gaming service that also rivals Twitch, so players can play or spectate all in one.

Stadia Basics

While Stadia is set to let gamers play AAA titles via live streaming online, they also want to up the ante by letting them use a standalone controller. This controller is apparently going to be wireless and much cheaper than the standard console controllers currently on the market, but the exact price is still to be confirmed.

Google has also said that it will make Stadia compatible with most other popular console controllers and players should be able to use PS4 gamepad, Xbox One gamepad, keyboard and mouse, and Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive controller.